Saturday, 31 July 2010

Jocy Ma's heartfelt letter to Michael ( 5/5 )

Dear Michael,

Words can not even begin to describe how much we've missed you, ever since that moment that you magically gave us a big surprise, we know you love surprises! Remember that once we were all sitting together in your movie theatre in Neverland watching your MV "Ghost". Just before the movie finished you suddenly disappeared in front of everyone, your love of magic always brought the kids lots of happiness, we'll never forget your kindness and hospitality.

We will also never forget your performance in Durban South Africa on 15 October,1997, the last concert of your History tour. (Never thought that it would be your last ever performance!)

You were having your make up backstage getting ready for the show, as you looked up in the mirror, you saw the twins Prety and Morly that you had said goodbye to a few hours ago at the airport, reappear at your make-up room. You were so surprised, your expression was exactly like Macaulay Culkin in 'Home Alone', " WOW! " You jumped out of your chair, shy with your hands covering your face, you had only just applied the make up…

The last song "History", you invited the lucky twins onstage with you to end the concert and said your farewell to hundred of thousands of the live audience, and all the fans around the world. No one knew this was going to be your final curtain call - The End. It became History.

Feeling particularly sad at this moment, looking at the concert photos that you sent us in the past. You led Prety and Morly's on stage to end the show. A smile on your face, in your favourite white military jacket, waving goodbye to everyone, it turned out to be your last appearance on stage.

My Lord, we sincerely pray to you that our beloved King of Pop, Michael Jackson is in your safe hands. His purity, kindness, humbleness, love and his beautiful laughter will remain with him, with your blessing, he is forever free from worries and pain in this world, and is free to be the real Peter Pan in Neverland.

Dear Michael, we were planning to give you another surprise at the London O2 show before Father's day and your 51st birthday. Remember our secret password for meeting you: "can you dancing?" you may be laughing out loud hearing it!

Rest now, everyone who loved you will pray for your family and your mother Katherine and especially your children Prince, Paris, Blanket. We sincerely thank you for your sincere love and all the wonderful memories you left us, despite our grief and pain of losing you, you will forever be in our hearts.

Forever missing you from your family friend in Taiwan.

Love from - Prety, Morly, Jocy(Ma Qi Zhen) and Hairess 17/07/2009

p.s While immunised with emotion writing this letter, felt a sudden tremor, sensing a very familiar scent in the air, it was your favourite perfume, was it really you…
We shouldn't be sad, as you once said, you would never wanted anyone who cared for you to be sad. We hope you are truly free now. Rest in peace Michael!

©2010 PeiLing

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  1. I am crying (as I find myself doing most days) as I read this beautiful goodbye to our beloved Michael. You were so blessed to know him personally. The millions of us who did not felt as if we did know him and that, somehow, through some miracle, he knew us too. I have loved Michael since I was 12 years old and he was 10, since the beginning. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts. Roberta