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Michael was a big kid ( 3/5 )

Michael loved magic he knew lots of magic tricks and used them to entertain children, even adults were amazed by his tricks. He also loved playing a disappearing game using a secret passage in Neverland Ranch to make himself disappear in an instant in front of everyone, and reappeared somewhere else.

Ma remembered once Michael was sitting among children watching the short film 'Ghost'. When the movie finished the light came on, 'Where's Michael?' the children puzzled, even the adults sitting in the back had no ideas how this had happened. Michael had simply disappeared from his seat! While everyone was trying to figure out why, Michael had already collapsed with laughters by the door.

But one thing that Ma particularly remembers was his dedication to sick children. Michael's specially designed cinema enabled sick children to enjoy movies like everybody else. Beds were provided in many rooms with medical facilities and even the presence of medical staff.

One particular example of Michael's childlike quality was the 'Michael Jackson Money Bank'. Michael was planning another world tour in the year 2000, and the theme of the tour was to save the children and heal the world. Ma had an idea to use Michael's portrait to help raise money for disadvantaged children all over the world. This was to be launched in Michael's Millennium world tour, to encourage the fans to help. During the development stage meeting, Michael thought of a even better idea that the Michael Jackson money bank 'Talks!' Then right at there and then, Michael just grabbed the voice recorder and and quickly left the room, 3 minutes later he rushed back all excited, " I've done the recording!'

Ma realised that Michael had just rushed into his bathroom to record his own voice, the message said 'I love you very much! Let us all heal the world.' So the message on the MJ money bank was in fact recorded in his bathroom!

But at the time Michael was surrounded by court cases dispute, in the end, he wasn't able to fulfil his wish of a Millennium world tour, so after the first batch of 700 MJ money banks was produced, the production had to be cancelled. The original mould was also since destroyed, there are over 600 MJ money banks owned by fans round the world. The History tour turned out to be his last ever world tour. To remember and honour Michael, Ma had donated 17 MJ money banks in his name for auction to raise money for disadvantaged children in Taiwan.

Below video is a translated vision with English subtitle that featured Mrs Ma and her twin daughters' TV appearance in Taiwan, sharing their memories of Michael, photos and the MJ money bank. 

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Part 4. The Michael Jackson Money Bank


July 2011 Update

Mrs. Ma has recently resumed the production of Michael Jackson Money Bank with new model to continue Michael's legacy to heal the world. Aiming to set up a foundation in Taiwan to raise money in his memory to help the disadvantaged children.

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  1. Michael was LOVE in every and all ways...But the most important truth is that he showed that We all are love and light Namaste Michael welove you<3