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Christmas Is Love

"Today and all days, we focus on loving one another and giving. Lets love one and other, let's forget hatred and turn to those that are suffering. Not just today, but everyday. Join me in healing the world and make it a better place." Michael Jackson's Christmas message 1992


Michael Jackson Home video with Prince, Paris and Blanket at Christmas 2006

Give Love on Christmas Day - The Jackson 5 (1970)

Merry Christmas and a Joyful New Year 2015!

Friday, 29 August 2014

Happy 56th Birthday, Michael!

On this day in 1958, Michael Jackson, the King of Pop was born in Gary, Indiana at 7.33 pm, as the seventh child. His mother Katherine remembers "a sweet little child" who showed unusual empathy for others and who was born to sing and dance.

If Michael had lived, he'd turned 56 year old today.

Raised a Jehovah's Witness, there was no birthday celebrations in his earlier life, but one birthday that he refers as one of his best moments was when performing at the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1997, on his 39th birthday with 50,000 fans. He was presented with a surprise birthday cake, marching band, and fireworks on stage.
In his own words:

MJ: One of the best moments is right here. It's right in the middle of the show and's my birthday and I'm thousands of miles away from my family.

When they surprised me with the full marching band and then they brought out his huge beautiful birthday cake...

(Happy birthday song is performed by the band)

MJ: I realised that I've got family all over the world. Everywhere I go, because my fans really show me the love and I love them just as much.

MJ: This is wonderful. Thank you so much!

Watch the birthday special moment :


Thank you for all your positive feedback for the video to show your love for Michael, and on his birthday, gone but not forgotten.

His music lives on, Happy Birthday Michael Jackson! The king, 1958 - forever.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Michael Jackson's Final Song And Message In 2009

Not just any song but "Earth Song" was Michael Jackson final song and performance/rehearsal on stage on the night of June, 24, 2009, less than 24 hours before his death age 50.


Michael performs the song with his voice being heard at the end warning of the dangers of Global warming.

"I resect the secrets and magic of nature. That's why it makes me so angry when I see these things that are happening, that every second, I hear, the size of a football field is torn down in the Amazon. I mean, that kind of stuff really bothers me. That's why I write these kinds of songs, you know. It gives some sense of awareness and awakening and hope to people."

"I love the Planet, I love the trees. I have this thing for trees - the colours and changing of leaves. I love it. I respect those kind of things. I really feel that nature is trying so hard to compensate for man's mismanagement of the planet. Because the planet is sick, like a fever. If we don't fix it now, it's at the point of no return. This is our last chance to fix this problem that we have."

Michael didn't just care about the subject he also made it as part of the theme for "This Is It" concert tour in 2009 to raise awareness.

According to Michael's long time friend Deepak Chopra that Michael was working on a song about climate change in the days before his death. 

The spiritualist and author, who knew the singer for 20 years, said that Jackson had recorded a demo of the track and was drafting the lyrics.

Writing on The Huffington Post, the US news and commentary website, Chopra said that Jackson had called him in an "upbeat, excited mood" two days before he died. 'The voice message said, "I've got some really good news to share with you.' He was writing a song about the environment, and he wanted me to help informally with the lyrics, as we had done several times before." he said.

"When I tried to return his call, however, the number was disconnected. (Terminally spooked by his treatment in the press, he changed his phone number often.)
"So I never got to talk to him, and the music demo he sent me lies on my bedside table as a poignant symbol of an unfinished life."

Michael Jackson and Deepak Chopra


R.I.P MJ, your music lives on....

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Michael Jackson's "HIStory", Taiwan 1996 - Arrival

Michael Jackson arrived at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport,  October 1996

In front of all the media, a happy and relaxed Michael in blue military uniform arrived at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport for three HIStory World Tour concerts in October 1996. Accompanied by Omer also dressed in military outfit, his mother and bodyguards. This was his 2nd visit to the island since the Dangerous World Tour in 1993.


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas Party For Orphans in Manila, Philippines 1996

It's been a while since my last post in this blog, but please check out my other updates on MJ Facebook page and Youtube channel. I'll do my best to add more interesting post to this blog.

Since it is close to Christmas, here is a sweet Christmas story with related videos to complete this heart warming MJ story. Have a good Christmas and New year! Let's also pray for Philippines' recovery from the recently disaster by Typhoon Haiyan.

Michael Jackson distributed 300 Christmas presents to orphans in Manila, 1996

Michael Jackson was in Manila for a two-day concert that was part of his history world tour in December 1996.

His one week stay at the Manila hotel became truly memorable when he volunteered to help in making some 300 orphans happy, as all children should be, on Christmas.

Carino(former PR officer of the Manila Hotel) fondly recalled the festive mood Jackson created when he himself offered to fill and give away loot bags for all the children at the party.

"Oh wow, the kids were definitely happy! They were overwhelmed," she narrated. "We never announced that Michael Jackson would be our special guest so you can just imaging how wonderfully surprised they all were. It's like a dream come true for them."

Michael was very considerate to their requests to sign autographs and pose for photos," Carino recalled. "I remember a little girl who came up the stage for the second time and one of the guards sort of stopped her, saying that she alreay received her goodie bag.

"Michael felt for her embarrassment and said, 'Oh it's alright, Sir. I forgot to give her a big hug earlier!' I thought it was really sweet and sensitive of him."

And out of the many good things Jackson did that day, nothing beats the moment when he came back after getting whisked off the stage by his aides and bodyguards.

"He went on the stage again to say thank you for allowing him to share such special time with the orphans. It was an incredibly genuine, moving and magical moment," she noted.

"I think Michael just simply had a big heart. He sought ways to make people happy. Unknown to many, on his way to the hotel when he arrived, he got off his van a couple of times on the road just to shake hands with street children along Roxas Boulevard.

"According to his bodyguards Wayne and Yannick, he gave them a difficult time because he got off three times and the crowd became too large that he had to content himself by waving from the window," Carino said.

"There's obviously another side to the man that a lot of people did not get to see, which is very sad." Carino added.

The staff members of the Manila Hotel were indeed lucky to witness up close and personal this other side of Jackson. They were moved not only by his slick dance moves and catchy songs but by his unbelievably generous spirit and friendly demeanour.

Below is Gwen Carino's  close encounter with MJ in Manila

Christmas Party For Orphans in Manila, Philippines 1996 

A close encounter with MJ in Manila

The author Gwen Carino, a former PR officer of the Manila Hotel, shares a light moment with Michael Jackson during a Christmas party for orphans in Manila on Dec. 7, 1996

When I was a public relations officer at Manila Hotel, I was assigned to head the annual Orphan's Christmas Party where 300 children from different orphanages around Metro Manila were treated to a day of fun and surprises. It was one of the biggest projects on my plate and it was such a challenge to focus on work the day before the big event, knowing Michael Jackson was billeted in the hotel.

Two nights before, I had been fortunate to be part of his welcome line at the hotel lbobby together with the rest of the PR and sales staff and saw him walk by.

The day before, a guy claiming to be Michael Jackson's aide from Mamarao Productions came to the office. I couldn't recall his name but he looked for the "person in charge" and said his boss had read the announcement about the event in the Dear Guest flyers we had circulated to all the rooms a week before. Michael wanted to know how he could help. His aide went up to the Penthouse and down to the PR office several times after we gave our suggestions.

Michael offered to fill up the 300 loot bags with goodies and toys, candies and chocolates. But after getting close to 50 sponsors, it was actually a problem for us to dispose of everything.

So I thought hard... how can the King of Pop meaningfully join the affair? I couldn't possibly have him be with the kids in the palayok game or the pabitin as might end up being mobbed! And since the annual event was really about giving, I mustered all my courage and told the Mamarao guy that the best thing I could think of was for Michael to literally be present to help distribute the loot bags, sign autographs and pose with the children for photos.

"Wow, that may not be easy. you're talking about handing goodies bags to 300 children and I can just imagine the chaos. We'll see. I'll get back to you," he said.

Lunch break came and it was the most hurried one I ever took in my life. It wasn't until after 5 p.m. that Michael's aide came back and said, "Michael is more than happy to do whatever you suggest. How do we go about it tomorrow? I wanted to scream. I had to calm myself and regain composure as the Lizzie Maquire in me said, "Get real, get back into focus."

We agreed that Michael would come in after the games, musical program and snacks, at the last part to give out the loot bags. My colleague Annette Afrcano and boss Dulce Agnir requested for additional security around the garden and the stage area as this was where we decided to distribute the gifts. We made sure the children would form an orderly line.

Then the moment arrived. It was at the Champagne Gardens on Dec. 7, 1996. I was surprised to see him walking towards us, guided by his aide. Michael came up to me as I had to brief him.

"Hi, how are you? Thanks so much for letting me in, I know I'm early 'cause I didn't want to miss the program."

I said, "Are you kidding? Thanks so much for volunteering! Here's what Michael - why don't you just sit here and watch the musical numbers before we get into the gift giving. I will have to tweak the grogram a bit.

He replied, " Sure, anything you say... (pausing to look at my name tag) Gwen!" I was stunned at how incredibly sweet and modest he was. And in my mine it was, "Oh my God, this is really happening!"

Amazing how he patiently sat through the whole grogram. Carol Banawa, then an "Ang TV" mainstay couldn't believe MJ was watching her perform. She had her red blouse signed by him right after her number.

Then followed Stefano Mori's dance number. Later, his back up singers and dances came up on stage followed by selected kids from different orphanages who danced to the beat of 'Billie Jean'. Oh, the smile on Michael's face was just amazing.

Then we announced that Michael will be distributing gifts onstage. I explained to him that there's a loot bag for the younger kids and another for the older ones and he noded. The thrill and excitement he gave those children was incredibly touching. It was in between the gift bag distribution that I caught a glimpse of MJ, not as a performer but as a person.

It was one in the afternoon. Santa Claus (David Endriga, a friend of fellow PR officer Francis Capistrano) was with us. The heat was scorching and I was worried that Michael felt so hot with his black long-sleeved signature attire and hat.

"Are you alright Michael? We can let you take a break," I asked.

He said, "I'm cool, Gwen. Just imagine how Santa feels inside his velvet suit and beard. We'll be fine."

I never heard him complain or say a word about how hot it was or how long the line was. He had the most beautiful manners. He didn't even ask for a drink or a towel to wipe his sweat but one of our banquet staff made sure he got a glass of fresh orange juice.

An hour passed and we were halfway through gift-giving when we notice that the garden was getting filled up. Suddenly, there were people from media, politicians, officials and hotel guests, including those in a wedding reception at the nearby Champagne Room who deserted the newlyweds just to get a glimpse of the King of Pop.

"OH, this isn't supposed to be, I'm so sorry," I said.

"It's all right, we'll get through it," Michael said, smiling. As we finished giving out the last loot bag to an 11-year-old orphan, a new line of more kids and adults formed. Michael's bodyguard, Wayne, said. "We can leave now."

Michael replied calmly, " We can't leave when there are still people in line. It's Christmas, dude."

I felt my heart beat faster and the hair on my arms and the back of my neck stood up. He wasn't just the most electrifying performer, but the most generous person.

One of the most memorable moments was when a lady came up to him for an autograph. Laughing and holding his tummy, he said "Hey Gwen, you've gotta check this out." He whispered, "It's a blank check. This lady is making me sign on a blank check."

We laughed hard and little did we know that it wan't even half of the comedy. He later showed me and Wayne other stuff people would use or pick up on the ground when they couldn't find paper for him to sign on. One teenager came up to him holding a dead leaf and another one, a popped balloon. Imagine how our laughter ballooned as well.

I was an amazing, genuine experience. At one point he asked if I was going to catch his History concert and I said, "Tomorrow night."

"Oh, you'll have a blast!" Michael told me.

At this point he became concerned about the stage as adults outnumbered the kids. His face had nervousness written all over it but he still didn't complain. He Tapped the wooden floor with his foot several times making sure it was sturdy enough not to fall apart.

"I've experienced the stage collapse and I just want to make sure we're all safe here," he explained.

Half of me wanted the line to finish because we were literally melting and worried about our safety, but half of me didn't, knowing that once the line ended, Michael would leave.

At some point it did end. I managed to get an autograph for my sisters and me before our general manager, Clem Pablo, requested him to sing 'Give love on Christmas Day'.

Cesar Sarino, one of the hotel's officials, addressed his thank you note to the King of Pop. Then I saw his guards and aides whisking Michael off stage. I said in my mind, "Oh man, I didn't even have the chance to say goodbye."

Suddenly, I saw Michael return on stage and say, "Thanks so much to you and your team, Gwen. This really means a lot." Then he held me beside him and said, "I'll see you at the concert."

As Michael Jackson is laid to rest and returned to pristine condition in the afterlife, these two incredible acts of the King of Pop - volunteering for charity and unselfishly spending time with the less fortunate - will forever be the way I will remember this man.


Video: Michael Jackskon hands out gifts to 300 orphans at an annual Christmas party in Manila

Days before the Philippine concert, Jackson visited a hospital in Manila
as part of his humanitarian efforts 

Video: Michael Jackson visits a Hospital in Manila, Philippines 1996

Give Love on Christmas Day By Jackson 5


Friday, 9 November 2012

Remembering Michael From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

While the King of Pop may no longer among us, there is no doubt he will have eternal life in the memory of his fans and the fortunate few who had the chance to meet him in person.

One such lucky fan was Badrul Hisham, 46, food and beverage manager of Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur. In 1996, when Michael Jackson performed in Malaysia, Badrul was the butler assigned to the star's suite.

Forever in memory: Badrul was presented an
autographed picture by the star himself before he left.
It reads, 'Badrul, love knowing you'

"He was a quiet but beautiful and polite man," recalled Badrul.

Based upon his observation during the star's week-long stay, Badrul remembered Jackson for wearing a "Do Not Disturb" sign around his neck and generally spoke very little. The demeanour changed when Badrul's boss, Tan Sri Syed Yusof brought 15 children aged between five and seven to his suite.

"He was very happy to see them. He and the children made a mess of the place by spraying silly string all over the place and by popping the hundreds of balloons that we had put in there. You could see that this was a man who loved children," said Badrul.

Badrul also confirmed the star's playful nature.

"Jackson had a toy police car which he'd push around the suite. He would shoot at balloons with a pop gun. I also remember him sending his staff out to get video tapes of Tom and Jerry and Mickey Mouse," he recalled.

The young butler also recalled dealing with an anxious Michael who got a stomach ache after consuming some tandoori chicken.

"But he liked it so much that he ate it again for several days," said Badrul who revealed that the star also liked ice-cream and M&Ms.

When it was time for the star to depart, Jackson personally gave Badrul an autographed picture of himself as a sign of appreciation.

While Jackson may have come across as 'childlike' to many, Syed Yusof, the man responsible for bringing the King of Pop to Malaysia said that Jackson was a true professional and a perfectionist.

Meeting of a lifetime: Syed Yusof Wafa, a freelance journalist
and former artist, had personally presented Jackson with a collection
of celebrity paintings when he met the star in his suite

"He was always very concerned about his fans. On the first day, when we went to Toys 'R' Us to buy presents for the children of Rumah Ozanam, I was concerned by the crowed that had gathered there and suggested tat we cancel that outing. But Michael insisted on going because he didn't want to disappoint his fans," said Yusof.

Yusof, who described the late star as 'energetic', recalled how worried he had been when Jackson called him up one night because he couldn't sleep. But, he waved aside notions of Jackson as a difficult person.

"One example was when one of the children I brought asked him about his nose. He didn't get offended at all," he said.

The demise of pop's living legend came as a shock to Yusof as his brother, Jermaine told him that 'Michael was doing very well' only a month ago.

I love you: This painting, done by local artist and actor,
Imuda, best captures Jackson's on-stage persona.
Notice the words, 'love' and 'cinta' penned by the star himself

It was a sad day for him when a friend SMSed to announce that the star had passed away.

"Michael was a warm and caring person and this showed in the way he used the word 'love' so often in his speech. All those negative rumours about him are all lies," said Yusof.

Syed Yusof Wafa, 38, can attest to this. He had spend 25 minutes in the King of Pop's suite when he presented him with a collection of celebrity drawings.

"He greeted me warmly and told me that he loved art and drawing. He also admired the locket I was wearing at that time," remembers Wafa of his meeting with the star in 1996.

Nadarajan R. Govindan, 41, an MJ impersonator who won the Malaysian Michael Jackson Competition in 1993, remembered camping in front of the hotel for two days to catch a glimpse of his favourite performer.

Though Nadarajan did not get to meet Jackson, he reacted very emotionally on hearing the news.

The father of five, who started impersonating Jackson in 1980, said that the world will mourn the passing of a great legend.


Michael Jackson signing autographs for children of Rumah Ozanam at the
Concorde Hotel during his visit to Kuala Lumpur in October 1996

Michael Jackson History tour in Malaysia in 1996

Friday, 2 November 2012

My visit to the Michael Jackson's Wardrobe in London

Michael Jackson's Wardrobe giant poster

Just been to the collection of Tompkins and Bush: Michael Jackson's Wardrobe in Westfield, Stratford today. It was a much smaller collection than I saw at the O2 in 2010.

I managed to get a few photos:

Outside the gallery

Jackson 5 poster

Giant poster of Michael during Bad era

MJ's signed napkin

MJ's signed pillow case

The exhibition has extended to 17 November, so there are still time for UK fans to pay a visit to see some of Michael's iconic fashion and items.

my ticket today 
For more pictures from the exhibition visit: