Thursday, 28 October 2010

The story as told 14 years ago...


A Taiwanese newspaper article was published 14 years ago on 21st October about Michael Jackson with Mrs. Ma's family. It was the Ma's family 2nd encounter with Michael since the Dangerous Tour in 1993. I have translated the main part of the article here:

Remember the moving story of lucky twins Prety and Morlys' meeting with the King of Pop in his pyjama's at the Taipei Grand Formosa Hotel room 3 years ago?

This time, the family are invited to follow the King of Pop on tour in the country after the couple made contact with Michael after his arrival in Taipei to begin his 3 History tour concerts. He immediately arranged to meet the family, Michael said, 'the girls have grown up!'

Ma and her husband touched Michael with their sincerity 3 years ago, not only had they met Michael in his private hotel room, he also invited their twin babies to meet him. The couple gave Michael a wooden caved leopard artwork as a thank you gift for his kindness, ever since then, they had built up the friendship by keeping in touch. Michael has never forgotten them, he even invited them on holiday in the U.S, but because the twins were so little at the time, and due to Mrs. Ma's husband's busy work schedule they were not able to make the trip. 

The lovely twins are mixture of Indian and Chinese. They had an early birthday present from Michael by joining him on stage in his Kaohsiung concert yesterday. The most special moment has to be that Michael personally celebrated the twins' 4th birthday in his hotel room after the concert, as they had previously arranged. The couple were said to be overwhelmed by Michael's kindness toward their family, which made the twins the envy of all the MJ fans in the country!

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Source: Min-Shang News 
Photo: dyuisu73

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

My Blog So Far....

After all the chaos of moving house, I've finally got a bit of time to come back to my blog.

Before writing more stories about Michael, maybe I should mention the background to this blog.

I was watching a Taiwanese TV talk show via the internet, about Michael Jackson's passing and his legacy last year. One of the guests was Mrs. Ma who knew Michael personally and had formed a long lasting friendship with him. Due to the TV's tight schedule she only talked briefly about her family's amazing encounter with the King of Pop. That was when I started to dig deeper into her story, I found her another TV appearance and news articles that provided more insight to her story.

I had hoped to share this story on Michael, but it was not easy, as there was no links in English. When the first anniversary of MJ's passing was approaching, I decided to translate and share this largely unknown story with the MJ community, as my tribute to the King of Pop.

I posted it on Michael forum on June 26 this year, title " A fan's beautiful memories of Michael as a friend", got some great reactions from fans. But two days later when the forum was still on going, the story was pretty much copied and pasted to someone's Twitpic that I happened to follow! And further more it was credited to the person who had forwarded the story! It was difficult not to feel annoyed by it, when it had taken me time and effort to put it all together. So after a few emails the situation finally got resolved a week later, she responded with an apology, and updated the credit and redirect people to my link on the forum.

That was when I realised that more and more people started reading my original post on the forum, I must admit that the story that I had written wasn't in perfect English. When my husband knew about it, he suggested that I put it in a blog, and with a bit of help with my English. (He's English and not a big fan of MJ) So all of a sudden I found myself writing a blog about Michael Jackson. It's been a challenge, and a bit of leaning curve for me, but the blog allowed me to go deeper into the story.

Thank you all for your comments here and on twitter, I'll continue to write about Michael as long as I've got something to contribute to remembering him as this amazing human being that sadly had gone too soon.