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Remembering Michael ( 2/5 )

For 17 years Ma and her family had never spoken of their family friendship with the King of Pop, it wasn't because of a confidential agreement with Michael, but was to do with mutual trust between friends. Now she has chosen to share her story about their friendship to let everyone know the real Michael in a more personal way.

The first time that the Ma family visited Michael's home, the Neverland Ranch, Ma recalled that it was a much bigger place than she had imagined and very well protected by security. A confidential agreement had to be signed before entering and no cameras were allowed. The facilities in the ranch and conversations between Michael and his family had to be kept confidential.

It would be any fans dream to visit the Neverland Ranch, the Ma family were invited six times. Each time they visited they stayed for a few days and even once spent Christmas with the King of Pop! The Ma family also became good friends with Michael's family and relatives.

We all know Michael loved entertaining children with magic, and his incredible ability and energy to lead the world on stage with his music and dance. When offstage, he wasn't seem as confident, his kind and trusting nature was often betrayed by so called friends, also led to his financial problems as speculated. As well as his fun side he had a more serious side, he was very much concerned with international affairs and often willing to offer his help. Just before his passing, two Korean American journalists were arrested in North Korea accused of espionage. When he heard about this, Michael called a senior media personnel for the phone number of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, he hoped to plead with him for the release of the two journalists.

Later Ma learnt that Michael thought Kim Jong Il maybe a fan, as he often wore military uniforms, which Michael also loved. This was an example of Michael's innocence, caring side of him.

Apart from his kind nature and childlike innocence, Michael's image had always been in the public eye, especially when Michael's skin started to turn white nearly two decades ago. This led to the speculation that Michael was bleaching his skin to look white. After witnessing his skin condition Ma realised that people had misunderstood Michael.

Michael was diagnosed with vitiligo back in the 80's, the early symptoms appeared on his hands. That was the reason why Michael started to wear gloves. In order to co-ordinate with his stage performances, he asked his stylist to design his glove and never thought that the bright sequinned white glove would soon take over from his black hat, white socks and black loafers or even his red leather jacket, as his most iconic trademark.

At his home Michael never avoided them seeing his skin condition, he even rolled up his sleeves to show them, and lifted up his shirt to show his back. There were indeed patches of white marks. This was the reason why he wore heavy make up, masks and gloves.

Apart from his iconic white glove, which was simply a result of him trying to hide his skin condition. The black hat was his real favourite, and he was inseparable from it, even at his home, whether he was paragliding or jet skiing. Once Michael and some children were messing around in his swimming pool, everyone was having a great time, for Michael it was as if he was back in his childhood. Being the tallest among the children, all children got together and pushed him into the pool, Michael also went along with it, pretending to be pushed into the pool, and all they can see was his hat floating in the pool.

When they didn't see Michael re-emerge, all the children started to worry. Only to see Michael reappeared at the other end of pool with a cheeky grin and laughing out loud.

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