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Michael Jackson Visits a Home for Disadvantaged Children in Taiwan

Michael Jackson visits a home for the children with learning difficulty
in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in October 19, 1996

Being the biggest pop icon in the world, Michael never forgot those less fortunate, especially children. During his world tours he would often take time to visit children in hospitals or orphanages around the world.

16 years ago on the day while on History tour in Kaohsiung, Taiwan on 19, October 1996, Michael visited a home (Home Without Barriers) for disadvantaged children who have learning difficulties or were handicapped. He removed his dark glasses and mask and greeted the children face to face with a warm smile.

Michael appeared very happy and relaxed among the children, he was not a super star, but a big kid with friendly smile, even though the children didn't really know who he was!

During the visit, Michael was more than happy to become one of the spectators and watch the children perform. He cheered and gave big praises by raising his thumb while watching two 'little Michaels' performing 'Jam' and other performances by other children, includes a violin performance played by a blind boy.

Before leaving Michael personally handed out 150 gifts to all the children, he also left his signature and hand prints onto a wall canvas among other children's, as if he was part of their big family. Those rare happy moments filled everyone's face with a big smile, just like a big happy family.

Michael's rarely known loving and caring side indeed made a lasting impression to everyone.

Translated from news article

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Michael Jackson Visits a Children's Home in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 1996


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